About Sarah Hudak

Sarah Hudak is a second-year Master’s student in Sport and Performance Psychology at the University of Denver (Expected Graduation June 2017). Sarah discovered her passion for sport psychology after she began running in college. What started as a hobby to get fit slowly transformed her body and mind, leading her to eventually run a 50k trail race. Prior to becoming a runner, she lovingly referred to herself as a “chunky theater geek,” so this new identity in running inspired her to seek to understand what distance running and exercise in general do for one’s holistic well-being. Throughout her applied graduate training, Sarah has become interested in the process of developing resilience, and designing and implementing programs that foster the leadership development of student-athletes. In the future, she hopes to take on a role that allows her to work closely with student-athletes by providing both mental skills training and leadership development. Sarah is also passionate about the performing arts and creative writing. She attributes her creativity, flexibility, and public speaking abilities to the 10 years she spent in musical theater. She also minored in Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida, and has recently begun weaving her artistic abilities into the field of sport psychology by writing blog posts for her program’s page that focus on what sport and performance psychology look like in the “real” world. She was recently published on the Association of Applied Sport Psychology’s blog, and her Master’s project is a self-reflective narrative that draws comparisons between her time in theater and her new role as graduate student learning how to provide sport psychology services. She hopes to continue combining her love of writing and the field of sport psychology in this way.

Stop-Drop-And Roll – A Self Talk Technique

How many of you remember being taught the safety technique, “Stop, drop, and roll” as a child. It’s simple. If you ever find yourself a fire victim, you must: STOP in order to prevent the flames from gaining strength from your movements DROP to the ground and then ROLL to extinguish the fire. Self-talk is what we say to ourselves. It can be helpful or unhelpful. Here is a self talk technique that might help us control it. Our unhelpful self-talk is like fire – when we pay attention to our unhelpful self-talk, we force air into

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