Stop-Drop-And Roll – A Self Talk Technique

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How many of you remember being taught the safety technique, “Stop, drop, and roll” as a child. It’s simple. If you ever find yourself a fire victim, you must: STOP in order to prevent the flames from gaining strength from your movements DROP to the ground and then ROLL to extinguish the fire. Self-talk is what we say to ourselves. It can be helpful or unhelpful. Here is a self talk technique that might help us control it. Our unhelpful self-talk is like fire – when we pay attention to our unhelpful self-talk, we force air into the flames and make them bigger and more dangerous. We don’t need to be consumed by the fire though! The fiery thoughts we say to ourselves when we’re making a mistake, or not performing to the best of our ability, or even just having an awful day can be “put out” by using the “stop, drop, and roll” method. Once you notice you’re engaging in unhelpful self-talk, first STOP. In order to prevent your thoughts from spiraling, stop what you’re doing. Take a breath. You’re in control now. DROP the thought. Let it go. It’s mean, and likely untrue. Inhale deeply, [...]