What LeBron James Knows About Success That You Don’t

Anyone who caught the Cavs play the Kings on Wednesday may have noticed LeBron’s three different pairs of shoes worn during the game. It might seem quirky, but for LeBron, it actually has a lot of value in getting the mental edge while on the court. After trailing by 14 points in the third quarter, the Cavs made a comeback with LeBron scoring an impressive 32 points. Listen to what LeBron said about his decision to keep changing shoes: “The first ones I put on the strap kept coming loose...the second ones, we weren’t playing well and

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Mental Training Using Zwift

Let's be very clear here, training for any kind of long distance event is straight up difficult. Period. Now, having said this, as a mental skills trainer I am always working with athletes to stay motivated, focused, consistent, and confident in their abilities. I have trained in a slew of applied techniques to facilitate those critical attributes from my Masters at the University of Utah, however, very few were as effective as the combination of training on the Wahoo Kickr and Zwift. A bit of a background story I began my journey in Ironman Training and completion

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Utilizing Imagery to Prepare

Have you ever been able to see yourself perform some event in your mind's eye and event almost like replaying a movie on the DVR? What about the opposite looking into the future directing a movie of yourself performing before you play? If you have I might ask you if you see yourself from a bird's eye view or if the movie is being played through your own eyes. This ability we have to imagine (fantasy) or 'image' (realistic) our performance is something that I have found most helpful but I never realized until my masters' career in Ironman Triathlon

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Coeur d’Alene Ironman 140.6 – Reflection

My name is Nate Last and I am a mental skills trainer who works with athletes to develop their mental game in order to perform up to their physical potential. I train athletes the in’s and out’s of emotional control, focus & concentration, effective self-talk, imagery, and priming. Society could call me an ‘expert’, but really, I am just a very young professional in the work I do. I chose to train for an Ironman event just 18 months ago having never participated in endurance sports in my youth to prove my profession, my passion in the

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The Benefits of Positive Thinking and Right Attitude in Sports

For athletes, a bad attitude in sports is like a flat tire. We all experience tough times, bad days and obstacles as human beings. But having the right attitude can make adversity just a little easier to overcome. These tough circumstances are sometimes out of our control but our attitude is something that can be controlled. It’s unrealistic for an athlete to expect a world-class performance every time they compete. But always having a positive attitude in sports and giving a good effort can take an athlete a far way in sports and in life. It is

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Coaching Mental Toughness

sport isn’t something that is learned overnight, it’s a process. A process that if followed perfectly can bring about a lot of success in sports. Utah Valley University's head wrestling coach Greg Williams understands this and that has allowed success to follow for his program. For the past 10 years, Williams has been at the helm of the UVU wrestling team. When he got there, the program was trending towards irrelevant. However, this coach never gave up on his process of becoming great and has coached All-American wrestlers, consistently got his wrestlers to nationals and is now

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Idol Acting- Motivation for Young Athletes

Do you have the motivation to be great? A few weeks ago I sat down with a 13-year-old who has been through the gamut of sports over a matter of four years. He had played basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and is now is a swimmer who has been described as having athletic talent, but little drive when things get tough. I asked him what his biggest dreams where in sport and he simply said, "I want to be the best." This was interesting as he wanted to be the best but as soon as he had any push back,

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