Indoor Cycling Training – The Body Check

Zwift provides a great space for training on the bike. It is indoors so the rider does not have to worry about weather, pot holes, vehicles, or other items completely out of their control. It simply takes all of the environmental variables out of the training and allows the rider to focus entirely on technique. Cadence, efficient stroke patterns, nutrition, and even strategic positioning in racing are a few technical examples of physical technique work. However, what about the mental aspect of cycling? As a mental skills trainer, I have found Zwift to be a unique tool

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Utilizing Imagery to Prepare

Have you ever been able to see yourself perform some event in your mind's eye and event almost like replaying a movie on the DVR? What about the opposite looking into the future directing a movie of yourself performing before you play? If you have I might ask you if you see yourself from a bird's eye view or if the movie is being played through your own eyes. This ability we have to imagine (fantasy) or 'image' (realistic) our performance is something that I have found most helpful but I never realized until my masters' career in Ironman Triathlon

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Effective Goal Setting

Effective Goal Setting Have you ever found yourself feeling like you are always thinking about your craft but never actually getting anywhere? This weeks challenge is based in where we put our attention and how we might be able to make a bit more progress by focusing on the most important things to help us achieve out dreams. This is all about effective goal setting. There are a lot of goal setting tutorials out there to help you set effective goals but, in my personal opinion, just having goals does not really do much for us

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Turning Do Not’s Into Do’s

Let's set up the scene here. Let's go out to the 9th hole of a beautiful green golf course. This hole is a longer par 3 with a pristine pond on the left and the hole lies directly in the center of a large green. There are 2 sand traps on the left of the green and one on the front right. Now, I hope you can imagine this scene in your mind and as you read this I would like you to take yourself to the tee box behind your ball and line up your

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Finding Your Strength

Moving along with the theme of this week: Strength. I wanted to bring a tool that you might be able to use to help you develop a better understanding of your strengths. If you are having a hard time coming up with your strengths as an athlete take a look at this list of questions and answer each to the best of your ability. Remember, staying true to who you are right now rather than being a fake version of yourself will help you become who you want to be later. What are your strengths right now

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Know Your Strengths

Potential Strengths Take a look at the strengths listed below to get a better idea of what the assets of the greatest of athletes. Action oriented Adventurous Ambitious Analytical Appreciative Athletic Authentic Caring Clever Compassionate Communicative Confident Courageous Creative Critical thinking Curious Dedicated Determined Disciplined Educated Empathetic Energetic Entertaining Enthusiastic Fair Fast Flexible Focused Forceful Friendly Helpful Honest Hopeful Humble Humorous Independent Ingenious Industrious Inspirational Kind Knowledgeable Leader Lively Logical Motivated Observant Optimistic Open minded Orderly Original Outgoing Patient Perseverance Persuasive Persist Practical Precise Responsible Self assured Self controlled Spontaneous Social Straightforward Strategic

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