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The Mental Grit Ideals

What is the goal? What is the best mental space or orientation to achieve for optimal performance?

This is the question that has driven my study within sport psychology. After years of research taking a critical view on the scientific theory and personal experience regarding sport performance, I have found the following to be a large part of that answer.

Getting into Flow: How the Flow State Helps Athletes Perform

By |June 20, 2018|Tags: |

A few weeks ago I was a guest on the ‘Age grouper for life podcast’ - the ultimate source for living the triathlon lifestyle, where USAT certified coaches Collin Cook and Elliot Kawa-oka discuss the most optimal training techniques to get athletes you where they want to be mentally and physically. An interesting takeaway from the discussion we had on mental skills training [...]

Values Based Coaching – Dr. Lauren Tashman

By |May 21, 2018|

Podcast Key Takeaways Checkout Peak Performance! It's what I am listening to right now and is an awesome book to provide clarity on the stress + rest equation for performance. Acceptance Accomplishment Accountability Achievement Acknowledgement Adaptability Advancement Adventure Aggressiveness Agility Ambition Appreciation Approachability [...]

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