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Optimal Sports Performance

In today’s world, achievement is not only about doing but rather doing effectively. This is known as performance potential. Mental Grit Consulting is all about teaching and supporting athletes in developing the mental skills they need in order to perform up to their optimal sports performance potential in sports, school, and life!

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Achievement Before Avoidance

The Mental Grit Athlete works towards an achievement focus throughout their training and competition process.

Achievement Before Avoidance

Athletes train their attention and focus to move towards what they want and leave what they don’t want in the dust.

Strength Before Weakness

The way we see ourselves ultimately applies to our performance. The athletes choose to see their strengths before their weaknesses.

Strength Before Weakness

An athlete fixation on the negative and weakness of their performance leads to a weak minded athlete. The Mental Grit Athlete develops the capacity to see their personal strength and learn from failure.

Process Before Outcome

The process is work and it's difficult. The outcome is exciting but fantasy until it occurs.

Process Before Outcome

The athlete we work with strive to choose to focus and act on the process of reaching their goals rather than getting stuck in a traps of what they want.

Earn It and Own It OVER Entitlement

In an age of entitlement it becomes more and more difficult to find athletes who are willing to work and fail.

Earn It and Own It OVER Entitlement

Our athletes learn the most effective action they can ever make is one with purpose, with effort, and with an effective attitude. They know they are not entitled to anything and if they want anything that they have to fail hard, learn from it, and earn it.


It was extremely helpful to have worked with Nate. He helped me overcome a lot of negative self-talk and supplied me with a load of mental strategies for my tool box when I was in “the hurt”. Using these strategies helped me finish my goal race strong and happy.

Probably the biggest lesson was learning that one must make a choice and actively choose your mind set. You can either succumb to the negative talk or choose to stay in the moment and focus on the now and things you can control. Thank you!!!

Courtney D. - Triathlete

Nate is a great asset to my son Robs and his growth in swimming. Watching Robs use the tools he has learned with Nate in his practices and meets is exciting. I have also learned through Nate what things I can do as a parent to help Robs stay focused on him and his goals. I am thankful for these lessons and tools he is learning at just 10 years of age because I know how important it is to be mentally strong in a competitive environment. Thanks Nate for the encouragement and knowledge you are teaching Robs. We look forward to gaining more insight in future sessions on the mental side of life and in his sport!

Becky B.

I brought my daughter to Nate due to some struggles she was having with a coaching situation. She has now been working with Nate weekly for 4 months. Immediately, he encouraged her to look past the coaching issues and focus on her own performance only. He has continually stressed that to her and taught her techniques to improve her focus and her ability to push through hard times with a positive attitude. These concepts have given her a renewed confidence and motivation and helped her succeed. I am so glad that he was able to deflect her attention from the problems around her and help her to learn how to stay focused on her goals and not get distracted by the actions of others.

Erin C.

Mental Grit and Nate Last have had a tremendous impact on my son. I found out all about Mental Grit and Nate because my son got extremely nervous before swim meets and would not eat or would throw up. It was very disconcerting for me as a parent to watch him go through this and know there was nothing I could do to help him. He loves swimming, so missing these events is not an option. However, where do you go to seek help for this? I tried the internet, pediatrician, family, different foods and just talking with him. Fortunately, very fortunately, I was introduced to Nate. He met with my son one time and I knew it was a good thing. After two sessions with Nate, I noticed a very real change in my son. He can eat, control his nerves and hasn’t thrown up in months! More than that, he actively talks about goal setting and visualizes how to attain these goals. Equally important, this has spilled over into his school work and education. He uses the same techniques that Nate teaches for athletic events for test taking at school! I think his insight and work with my son has been invaluable. I know he will use this to achieve more success in all aspects of his life! I highly recommend working with Nate. Your athlete does not need a specific ‘problem’ to benefit from Mental Grit. I will proactively be sending my other son to Nate just to give him more tools to succeed in his life.

Haley M.

Nate Last and Mental Grit has brought another level of coaching and preparation to Olympus Aquatics. It has been exciting to witness Nate’s positive impact on experience and performance of our athletes, parents, and coaches. One of the best aspects of Mental Grit is that it goes beyond athlete preparation, Nate has worked with our parents and coaches to create a high performance environment. I strongly recommend Nate to any athlete, parent, or coach, seeking consistent improvement in performance.

Nate is always open to talk about anything and invites me to call him or text him in my swim meets he also easy to confront about not just your sport but school and anything else. For example at our latest session we talked about resilience. He is an awesome metal coach and I always look forward to seeing him.

Will Jones, Olympus Aquatics

Last year while coaching a small high school swim team in Utah county ALA High School Swim. I was able to have Nate Last the owner of Mental Grit Consulting come and meet with my swimmers before our state championship swim meet towards the end of the season. He was able to get their minds to think differently in their preparations for swim meets and even for practice to look at what IS possible and what their mind can help them to achieve or how their mind and thoughts can also break down things they’ve done or what their goals are and can sabotage their own training and racing. I could really see a difference in the way they thought and practiced and raced after this meeting with Mental Grit. Nate truly does have a gift in helping you or your students get into the mental game and on the mental side of winning and competing. Heath Thurston High School Swim Coach

Heath Thurston, ALA Head Coach
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Take a moment right now and look at the people around you. Where are they? Are they being present, engaged in what is happening right now OR are they in their heads, working some problem they have in life or possibly worrying about something they have no control over? Are they in the future dreaming of the life they want for themselves and their families? As mental coaches, we talk a lot about this idea of being present in practice, competition, and engagement in sport and life as a whole. We talk about being ‘in the now’ and engaging

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A swimmer approached me a few months ago saying that she did not make any progress in practice over the 3 months leading up to her state meet. She was not seeing her times drop in practices and just didn’t believe that she could do anything substantial at the upcoming state meet. I asked her what she was working on at that point to help her go faster. She started going down the list of technique items for each stroke and a variety of strategy items. I asked her to start writing these down on a LARGE white board

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How To Embrace the CHAOS

Would you ever deliberately choose to do something that would cause pain, torment, or a feeling of being broken? Do you know how to embrace the chaos training throws at you? You hear it all the time in endurance sports, “Why would an athlete choose to put themselves through so much pain?” But it’s that kind of mindset that sets those athletes apart from the rest. They welcome pain, they welcome chaos, because in their minds, without it, they wouldn’t get better, and they wouldn’t be able to foresee events that leave others broken. As mental skills coaches, we

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Let's be very clear here, training for any kind of long distance event is straight up difficult. Period. Now, having said this, as a mental skills trainer I am always working with athletes to stay motivated, focused, consistent, and confident in their abilities. I have trained in a slew of applied techniques to facilitate those critical attributes from my Masters at the University of Utah, however, very few were as effective as the combination of training on the Wahoo Kickr and Zwift. A bit of a background story I began my journey in Ironman Training and completion with a

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Have you ever been able to see yourself perform some event in your mind's eye and event almost like replaying a movie on the DVR? What about the opposite looking into the future directing a movie of yourself performing before you play? If you have I might ask you if you see yourself from a bird's eye view or if the movie is being played through your own eyes. This ability we have to imagine (fantasy) or 'image' (realistic) our performance is something that I have found most helpful but I never realized until my masters' career in Ironman Triathlon how I

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Coeur d’Alene Ironman 140.6 – Reflection

My name is Nate Last and I am a mental skills trainer who works with athletes to develop their mental game in order to perform up to their physical potential. I train athletes the in’s and out’s of emotional control, focus & concentration, effective self-talk, imagery, and priming. Society could call me an ‘expert’, but really, I am just a very young professional in the work I do. I chose to train for an Ironman event just 18 months ago having never participated in endurance sports in my youth to prove my profession, my passion in the field, and

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