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Mental Grit Consulting is a team of Mental Skills Coaches in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We know that consistent and optimal sport performance is more than just physical, it’s mental. Why is it then that we don’t train the mental game at the development levels of sport? Mental Grit Consulting is all about supporting sport programs and athletes in developing the mental skills they need in order to perform up to their true performance potential!

Program Overview

Dedicated Onsite Mental Skills Trainer

While onsite the mental skills trainer will support the athletes, parents, and coaches of the program. Through the use of one on one training along with group workshops for each audience your program will find a renewed sense of dedication to peak performance behavior.

  • Free Introductory Sessions

  • One-on-one Training Packages

  • Program Kick-backs

  • Program Training Assets (Goal Setting Worksheets, Culture Development Assets, etc.)

  • Reduced Pricing on Packages

Peak Performance Workshops

Parent Sessions

Parents will get the opportunity to work directly with Mental Grit through the peak performance workshops or keynotes. These sessions are designed to target the needs of the program and allows the parents to work with each other in how to be a peak performance parent.

  • Developing Self Motivated Athletes

  • Teaching Your Athlete How to Fail

  • Confident Athlete Parenting

  • Teaching Leadership in Athletes


Athlete Sessions

What is getting in the way of your team truly excelling in competition? The athlete sessions are exclusively developed to solve problems and optimize the potential within programs. Topics are created based on the feedback from the coaching staff of each the group and delivered alongside the coaches for implementation purposes. These sessions can be set up in any way the program sees fit.

*Additional athlete sessions can be added on based on the needs of the program.

  • Controlling Pre-Competition Jitters

  • Developing Deliberate Focus

  • Changing to Effective Self Talk

  • Mindfullness In Sports

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Our Pricing Guide

We want to support every element of your program from parents to athletes to coaches and beyond!

Mental Skills Partnership

$300Per Month
  • Trainer On Location 1 Day per Week
  • 1 Parent Workshop | 1 Athlete Workshop Per Month
  • Official Partner Banners and Stickers
  • Weekly Peak Performance Social Media Posts
  • Monthly Program Newsletter Articles
  • Reduced Pricing For All Program Members
  • *Sport Exclusivity NOT Included

Athlete Workshops

  • *15 Athlete Minimum
  • 45-60 min Workshop

Parent Workshops

  • $300 Minimum
  • 45-60 min Workshop

Coach Workshops

$300Per Session
  • Coach Development / Education / Culture Building

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