The Salt Lake Triathlon Club & Mental Grit Consulting

As a member of the Salt Lake Tri Club you have exclusive access to programs and pricing developed specifically for triathletes. We bring a new piece of technology called Halo Sport alongside traditional mental conditioning to develop neuroplasticity in the athletes we work with affecting endurance, explosivity and focus within each sport domain.

Take a look at our variety of packages and training tools available to you as apart of this great program below.

Race Mindset Online Program

Our Race Mindset Online Program will teach you the most important aspects of training the mental game based on what you want to accomplish. We then take it a step further to train the most impactful aspects of the mental game and help you condition your mind for performance. Training sessions are online so you can access our training materials wherever you are.

  • Training the 5 cardinal skills of mental skills training.

  • Individualized means training is programed for you!

  • Get ready for race day by developing your race mentality.

Race Mindset Online Trianing

$60Per Session
  • Free Initial Session
  • Online Training
  • Package pricing is available at a set of 3 ($55 per session) and a set of 6 ($50 per session)

Halo Sport

We use the Halo within our onsite training programs to help increase the effectiveness of each practice session with the athlete. It is all about training smarter and more effectively then your competition. When you train with Halo, you know you are doing more then everyone else!

What is Neuro Plasticity?

Plasticity means your brain can strengthen existing connections between neurons and even form new functional pathways. Through this process, you progress from the raw, unrefined movements of a novice to the powerful, precise movements of an expert faster!

  • Neuro-Plasticity

  • Coordination & Technique

  • Endurance

  • Strength

  • Exclusively used in our Breaking Barriers Program

Breaking Barriers Program

The Breaking Barriers program is available for those in or near the Salt Lake Valley Nate will come onsite during your training sessions. These sessions are aimed at either the swim, bike, and or run to develop a deeper awareness and drive within physical training. The Halo Sport will be used along side deliberate training methods to give you the best training session you have ever had! I promise you will find yourself feeling accomplished pushing further every day by the end of these sessions!

Already working with a Coach? Great! I can work right along side your current training plan and coaches philosophy to support your goals.

  • Focus control in training

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • An extra kick in the pants to click the next gear

  • Mental skills focused trianing days

  • Deliberate Training Methods and Neuro Plasticity Training with Halo

Breaking Mental Barriers Training

$75Per Session


Mental conditioning or mental skills training is similar to strength and conditioning where the trainer assesses and analyzes your physical attributes and develops a plan to help you reach your physical goals. The mental skills trainer will assess and analyze your mental attributes (I.E. focus, motivation, self-talk, emotional control, etc) and develop a plan to help you train the mind to optimize your physical potential that you have trained so hard for.

Our first session will be used to develop your performance profile and talk through what you would want to accomplish within the training. I will give a recommendation on what it will take to accomplish what you want and develop the initial training plans. I will then get your account set up so you can schedule sessions online and access the materials online. Lastly, you will leave with a specific technique to play with in training to start your training.

When you get started with mental skills training you will find that we do a lot of talking in order to develop a good understanding of what you are facing and how we might be able to approach the training. I take each athlete as an individual so every session is very different but you can always expect to take away greater awareness and understanding of the elements that impact what you are trying to accomplish. Along with this understanding, you will be provided with techniques that can be used in physical training to optimize what you do.

Online training is limited to communication and workshop style training whereas onsite training allows the mental skills trainer to work right along side you in a physical training environment with more of mental skills focus.

For example, if we were on site a possible training would consist of the athlete going through a 90-minute workout on the trainer in the pool or on the track/treadmill where we deliberately train focus, technique, or self-talk methods along side the Halo Sport to optimize the training.

The Halo Sport is a product that we like to use in combination with mental skills training to help the athletes we work with get more out of physical and mental training. The Halo Sport increases and primes the motor cortex enabling skills to be learned faster and bad habits to be broken without as much training. More information can be found on the Halo Sport here: The Halo Sport


If you have any questions, Nate is the guy to talk to! You can get in touch with him via the chat function on the bottom left-hand side of the website or call/text him at (801) 368-7564.