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Testimonials – The Effects of Mental Grit

Haley M.

Swim Mom

Mental Grit and Nate Last have had a tremendous impact on my son. I found out all about Mental Grit and Nate because my son got extremely nervous before swim meets and would not eat or would throw up. It was very disconcerting for me as a parent to watch him go through this and know there was nothing I could do to help him. He loves swimming, so missing these events is not an option. However, where do you go to seek help for this? I tried the internet, pediatrician, family, different foods and just talking with him. Fortunately, very fortunately, I was introduced to Nate. He met with my son one time and I knew it was a good thing. After two sessions with Nate, I noticed a very real change in my son. He can eat, control his nerves and hasn’t thrown up in months! More than that, he actively talks about goal setting and visualizes how to attain these goals. Equally important, this has spilled over into his school work and education. He uses the same techniques that Nate teaches for athletic events for test taking at school! I think his insight and work with my son has been invaluable. I know he will use this to achieve more success in all aspects of his life! I highly recommend working with Nate. Your athlete does not need a specific ‘problem’ to benefit from Mental Grit. I will proactively be sending my other son to Nate just to give him more tools to succeed in his life.

Kelsey O’Callaghan

Triathlete – Ironman Boulder 70.3

I was struggling with confidence and expectations before my first Ironman 70.3 and reached out to Nate for help. He did a fantastic job of cutting right to chase and identifying some patterns contributing to my race day anxiety and provided super helpful, tactical and personal strategies that I could use on the course. It made a world of difference in my attitude leading up to the race and provided me with mental techniques to employ on race day. I’m so grateful I was prepared with this new mindset when I dealt with some unexpected adversity at the race (minor bike crash), it didn’t deter from the day and I was able to put my energy into the variables I could control. I’ll definitely be practicing what Nate taught me and reaching out in the future with key races.

Tom Thorum

Olympus Aquatics Center

Nate Last and Mental Grit has brought another level of coaching and preparation to Olympus Aquatics. It has been exciting to witness Nate’s positive impact on experience and performance of our athletes, parents, and coaches. One of the best aspects of Mental Grit is that it goes beyond athlete preparation, Nate has worked with our parents and coaches to create a high performance environment. I strongly recommend Nate to any athlete, parent, or coach, seeking consistent improvement in performance.

Courtney Duckworth

Triathlete – Coach – Ironman – Rockstar Mom!

It was extremely helpful to have worked with Nate. He helped me overcome a lot of negative self-talk and supplied me with a load of mental strategies for my tool box when I was in “the hurt”. Using these strategies helped me finish my goal race strong and happy.

Probably the biggest lesson was learning that one must make a choice and actively choose your mind set. You can either succumb to the negative talk or choose to stay in the moment and focus on the now and things you can control. Thank you!!!

Alicia Brillion

Triathlete – Ironman

As part of the Salt Lake Tri Club, I had the chance to listen to Nate speak at our annual St. George 70.3 training camp each spring.  He also gave a motivational talk right before the race in 2016.  These were short talks, but had a huge impact on me generally as well as on my 2016 St. George race which featured steady rain and strong winds – my nightmare race conditions. By using a few of the mental focus techniques Nate had spoken about, I completed the race with a smile on my face while over 25% of the field DNF’d.

Fast forward to spring 2017…  I was beginning my ramp up to Ironman Santa Rosa which would be my 9th Ironman.  In my 3 most recent Ironmans I had had disappointing run splits, mainly due to an excessive amount of walking.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t run, I just sort of gave up and didn’t have the motivation to keep running when things got really difficult.  My training and nutrition weren’t the issues – it was my mental state.  So I contacted Nate to work on that aspect of my race strategy.  I knew I could do more on the Ironman run than I was doing – could he help me achieve what I knew was possible?

The short answer was “yes”!  Our coaching sessions focused on why I was doing an Ironman – what were my motivations deep down?  What did I want to get out of the experience?  Why wasn’t I achieving those goals already?  By exploring these issues and coming up with mental strategies to deal with them both in training and on race day, I was able to keep things together mentally during Ironman Santa Rosa, especially on the run.  I had my best run split in 5 years because I was able to run almost the entire marathon.  And just as important, I had the most enjoyable Ironman race I’ve ever had.  At no point did I question why I had signed up or cursed that I would never do it again.

If there is any mental aspect of your race that you think you could improve on I highly recommend working with Nate.  He identifies your issue(s) and works in a caring and understanding manner to help you develop strategies to deal with them.  Both in training and during the race itself.  I know that I will be using his techniques for years to come!