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Ben Shiffman

Sport: Swim
Struggle: Dominated by Performance Anxiety (No Dropped Times in 1 year)
Results: Self-Confidence , Focused, Dropping Times Consistently (in striking distance of a highschool record)
Time Frame: 40 Days
Age Group: Highschool
Level: Elite Club/Highschool

Where we started

When Ben and I first talked, his talent in the pool was undeniable, yet his performance at swim meets was far from what he was capable of. Despite rigorous physical training and outperforming in practice sessions, Ben struggled significantly during competitions. The gap between his practice achievements and his meet performances was vast, marked by anxiety and negative reactions that hindered his ability to showcase his true skills when it mattered most.

Ben's frustration with swimming was palpable. He found himself trapped in a cycle of comparison and expectation, unable to identify a single strength he believed set him apart from his competitors. This mindset not only affected his performance but had begun to erode his love for the sport. Ben was at a crossroads, facing the immense pressure of competition while battling the internal turmoil of self-doubt and anxiety.

The Process

Together, we embarked on a journey to reshape Ben's mindset, focusing on the synergy between mind and body and crafting a tailored mental performance plan. Through understanding and strategic mental preparation, Ben learned to navigate his mental landscape, setting the stage for true performance breakthroughs.

The Results

At his first major meet within-training, Ben showcased unparalleled mental resilience. Overcoming every challenge with the strategies we honed, he smashed his personal best by 4 seconds in a pivotal race, proving the power of mental preparation in unlocking peak performance.

Mitch Schow

Sport: Golf
Struggle: Maintaining focus and resilience during adversity and pressure.
Result: Salt Lake City open Champion - Significant improvements to assessment scores - Enjoyment back in game.
Time Frame: 4 Months
Level: Professional

Where we started

Mitchell’s initial Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) indicated significant challenges related to composure, grit, adaptability, and growth mindset. The most concerning scores were for grit and mental toughness, suggesting he struggled to maintain focus and resilience during adversity. These issues manifested in his performance, particularly during the later stages of tournaments.

Mitchell's mindset was largely ego-driven, causing him to carry an expectation to win because he believed he worked harder than everyone else. This led to disappointment, frustration, and volatility in his game when his performance didn't match these high expectations.

The Process

We've worked intensively with Mitchell to shift his beliefs from ego-based expectations to a more process-oriented and strength-based mindset. This new approach focused on playing his game rather than getting caught up in comparisons and expectations. Mitchell has learned to bring his authentic self to each game and developed strategies to manage his reactions better (turned to responses) to challenging situations.

The Results

Post-training MTQ+ assessments have shown significant improvement in his mental toughness and psychological foundation:

  • Mental toughness improved drastically from a 4 to an 8.
  • Grit score increased from a 1 to a 7.
  • Adaptability increased from a 3 to a 7.
  • Growth mindset jumped from a 3 to a 5.

These improvements have also translated into better performance on the golf course, aligning more closely with Mitchell's abilities and potential. Specifically, Mitch has recently qualified for a major tournament (The Utah Korn Ferry) shooting a -9.

It's completely different than anything that I've ever done... you helped me get out of the doom loop... You built more confidence in my golf. It's no longer 100% I should do this. It's just the confidence of knowing that I can do it, instead of having the doubt. Instead of having the expectation.

Tessa Fowler

Sport: Lacrosse - Mountain Bike
Struggle: ACL Reconstruction, Resilience

Result: Committed to recovery, best
Time Frame: 1 Month
Age Group: Highschool

Where we started

Tessa Fowler came to me amid a tough ACL recovery, battling not just physical healing but a deep-seated mistrust in her leg's recovery and a rigorous plan. Marked by low confidence, composure, grit, adaptability, decisiveness, and a struggle under pressure, Tessa was her own toughest critic. These challenges, highlighted by her TAP scores, set the stage for our work: transcending physical recovery to rebuild her mental resilience.

The Process

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The Results

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Tate Butler

Sport: Swim
Struggle: Unraveled by unmet expectations, comparison, recovery from setbacks
Result: Resilient, Focused, Confident, Flexible, Motivated
Level: Club - Highschool - Collegiate

The Early Days

Tate Butler, a young swimmer navigating the turbulent waters of adolescence. Tate was confronting the challenges that typically beset swimmers between the ages of 11 and 15—rapid physical changes, uneven growth among peers, and the resultant confidence issues stemming from relentless comparisons and the pressure to continuously improve times.

The Process

Tate's early days were marked by his exceptional willingness to engage with the mental skills training. He committed wholeheartedly to every task, demonstrating a remarkable ability to lean into the process. This dedication quickly began to pay dividends. From a young swimmer full of potential yet struggling with confidence, Tate transformed into an athlete who could consistently tap into his full physical capabilities. His journey was a testament to the power of mental resilience, showing that with the right mindset, the barriers to performance are surmountable.

The Results

By his senior year in 2019, Tate had made a name for himself. His standout moment came at the Senior Zones Championship in California, where he not only dropped times in every event. Later that year he clinched the top spot in a winter showcase marking his best performance ever, solidifying his place as a top swimmer.

Continuing the Journey: Beyond the Pool

Tate's now at FSU, and we catch up occasionally to discuss his progress and future plans. His journey from a young swimmer grappling with confidence to a leading athlete showcases the impact of focused mental training and the potential within every athlete.

I can see it every single day the way others who haven't had the blessing of experiencing Nate's training.
I am more self-aware, more mature, more disciplined, driven, focused, appreciative, mindful.


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