Softball Mom! Parenting a Self Motivated Athlete

Do you consider yourself a 'softball mom' or any sport parent? This take a look at this article to help your athletes achieve greater self motivation! Parents, guess what? You must know at this point that you are one of the biggest influencers of your child's life than anybody else, especially if your child is under 11 years old. With this in mind, you have the power to help your athlete think about their athletic experience in a way that will encourage motivation, growth, and development. Before I get into this tactic of interacting with you child

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Being Present

Take a moment right now and look at the people around you. Where are they? Are they being present, engaged in what is happening right now OR are they in their heads, working some problem they have in life or possibly worrying about something they have no control over? Are they in the future dreaming of the life they want for themselves and their families? As mental coaches, we talk a lot about this idea of being present in practice, competition, and engagement in sport and life as a whole. We talk about being ‘in the now’

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Tools to Increase Effective Practice

A swimmer approached me a few months ago saying that she did not make any progress in practice over the 3 months leading up to her state meet. She was not seeing her times drop in practices and just didn’t believe that she could do anything substantial at the upcoming state meet. I asked her what she was working on at that point to help her go faster. She started going down the list of technique items for each stroke and a variety of strategy items. I asked her to start writing these down on a LARGE

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How To Embrace the CHAOS

Would you ever deliberately choose to do something that would cause pain, torment, or a feeling of being broken? Do you know how to embrace the chaos training throws at you? You hear it all the time in endurance sports, “Why would an athlete choose to put themselves through so much pain?” But it’s that kind of mindset that sets those athletes apart from the rest. They welcome pain, they welcome chaos, because in their minds, without it, they wouldn’t get better, and they wouldn’t be able to foresee events that leave others broken. As mental skills

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Minimizing Distractions: Help Yourself Achieve Greatness

So, if we're talking about minimizing distractions, we have to talk about practice. Imagine you're the top golfer in the world, what does practice look like to you? Are you moseying around, eating a donut, scrolling through Instagram, and chatting with your friends about his previous night? Of Course Not, You're Focused. You're out on the course with your coach or caddy, going through your swing or talking about the weather. You're examining the greens and hitting each shot, undistracted. No phone or no outside chitchat. Only the essentials. This is how you get done what Cal

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Developing and Facilitating Team Cohesion: Gottman’s 5:1

Everyone is always wondering about developing and facilitating team cohesion; Always wondering about how to build relationships and team chemistry. Whether it’s at work, at school, in a team, or with their partner, strong and healthy relationships create more productive and positive environments. Do you know how you interact with your team? Gottman’s 5:1 Dr. Gottman, professor emeritus at University of Washington, found that in healthy marriages, the ratio of positive interactions to negative interactions is 5:1. Especially during times of conflict, the interactions between the two individuals was 5:1. On the other hand, it is 5 times

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Back to Basics: Implement The 80/20 Rule Today!

Recently, Mental Grit was awarded the opportunity to interview two of the top sport dietitians in the nation. Toni Tillett (Washington State University) and Kari Oliver (University of Notre Dame) were gracious enough to answer a few questions and divulge some juicy nutritional information. A healthy body and mind are essential to peak performance, which is where mental conditioning and nutrition intersect. The interesting piece about this interview was how basic mental skills principles have such a primary role in the execution of effective nutrition. Get back to basics and keep yourself mentally and physically strong. Back to Basics If I

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The Young Athlete – Understanding Young Athletes as a Parent

In youth sport, you will typically see young athletes land on a personality spectrum from a results-oriented mindset to a growth-oriented mindset. In each situation, a parent will need to respond differently in order to help that particular child. The funny thing about this is even within families, a parent can have children who land on the extremes of either side of this spectrum changing even within the different sport the children play. Yes, this sounds a bit complicated at first but by the end of this article, you will know the different types of mindsets a

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