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Mental Skills Trainer

More About Nate Last

My name is Nate Last and I’ve been a mental skills trainer for 7 years, helping athletes and executives train more effectively and win more often by helping them sharpen their head game, polish their discipline and become unshakeable juggernauts of athleticism and leadership.

Meet The Trainer

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What part do you play?


Every athletes wants to win! I get that, however, just because you want it does not mean you will do the work you need to do, in the to succeed. Join the team and you will gain access to the secrets that every elite athlete has mastered to gain the edge and win!


Guess what parents! You have to know right now that you are one of the BIGGEST influence in your young athletes competitive performance. Learn the basics of what you can do to optimize their full performance potential with that influence.


Let’s face it coaches, you have a lot of responsibility to up your game if you are asking your athletes to up theirs. We are seeking the coaches willing to do the work they need to do to become the best coaches they can be!

My primary mission within Mental Grit is to make Mental Skills Training and Applied Sport Psychology available for every level of competitive athletics!

The Grit community is a FREE forum based interactive resource for competitive athletes and their parents/coaches to engage in the field and what they can do to optimize their full performance potential.

Outcomes of Training


Mental Grit isn’t just about mental toughness; rather it is about  deliberately and intentionally making the tough decisions that need to be made in order to accomplish success. The deliberate and intentional decision to go harder when your body is telling you that one more rep, step, or move will land you in despair. The decisions to look inside and be honest with the performer you are, see the performer you want to be and then act upon the journey to get there. The decisions to DO when you don’t want to and the decision to act in the face of fear.

You see, there is a gap between what science knows and what performers do. You already know how important the mental game is; now I ask, what are you going to do to train it. Most don’t realize this but what science knows is that you can become more confident, more positive, and more in control of your thoughts. You can be more focused, more resilient, and more consistent. You can train your mind and when you train your mind you are giving yourself the best chance at becoming the performer you want to be on the big stage. You are optimizing your potential; you are Mental Grit!

What does a Mental Performance Trainer do?

All athletes train the physical side of their sport more and more effectively however, we all know how impactful the mental game is when executing inside of competition. Here at Mental Grit, we believe the athletes we work with do not have problems that we are here to fix, rather, our athletes have potential that we are here to realize and optimize. Mental training consists of training the mental skills individualized programs built and executed to help the athlete perform. These skills include emotional control, focus and concentration, self-talk, imagery, and priming routines.

Mental skills trainers can help athletes overcome the mindset known as fear of failure, embarrassment, or states of performance anxiety. The trainer can help the athlete develop confidence, self-belief, composure, energy, and overall trust in their performance ability.

The parents have a primary influence on the athletes while they are not in the performance arena. In this environment, the parent can play a negative or positive role in their athletes’ performance. The mental skills trainer can help the parent and athlete have the appropriate conversations that are integral to a supportive performance environment. The trainer can also help the parents understand the mindset and impact they have on the athlete both on the field and at home.

The athletic environment that a program creates around their athletes is another primary area of effect for athletic performance. Athletic programs can do a lot to develop an environment and culture where athletes can thrive. However, the program can also do a lot to negatively impact the optimal performance from their athletes. The mental skills trainer can work directly with the program director to help develop and maintain an effective performance environment. Help coaches develop effective training methods and performance environments for athletes

Coaches are the last major influence of the athlete. As is such, the mental skills trainer can help the coaches develop effective training plans that are optimized to help the athletes learn faster and trainer more effectively. The mental skills trainer can also help the coach develop themselves into a more effective through a variety of methods. As they say, Rome was not built in a day and no great coach had ever just been born. Great coaches are built and the mental skills trainer can help the process.

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The Mental Grit Ideals

By |March 14th, 2019|Categories: Mental Skills, The Ideals|

What is the goal? What is the best mental space or orientation to achieve for optimal performance? This is the question that has driven my study within sport psychology. After years of research taking a critical view on the scientific theory and personal experience regarding sport performance, I have found the following to be a large part of that answer. # 1: Process Before Outcome The Process: The process is the work, the moment, the present action that will take you to where you want to go. It is dirty, sweaty, and typically painful in some way but when we engage in it, we thrive! I have heard this referred to as the DIRT. The Outcome: The outcome is the dream, the end, the ‘what could be’ in our imagination. It is motivating, inspiring, and gives us direction. It is also one of the most detrimental places an athlete can put their attention when competing. This has been referred to as the CLOUDS. So, where is your head at? The DIRT or the CLOUDS? I remember when I first started running endurance races, I would get 7 miles into a race, it would start hurting, and every-time without failure I would think about finishing the race. This would motivate me for a few minutes but, unfortunately, I would still be at mile 7 bringing my spirits down and making for a really long race. This would happen at mile 8 and 9 and 10 until I hit about 12.5 miles into the half marathon.This outcome orientation pulled my focus away from my form, my cadence, and my breathing because it was simply easier to imagine then it was to [...]

The Impact of Low Emotional Control

June 19th, 2018|0 Comments

I had the privilege of being a guest on the ‘Age grouper for life podcast’ - the ultimate source for living the triathlon lifestyle, where USAT certified coaches Collin and Elliot discuss the most optimal training techniques to get athletes you where they want to be mentally and physically. We discuss several interesting topics on aspects of mental skills training such as imagery, emotional control and being in the flow state among others. We will get into the [...]

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Deliberate Discomfort

How U.S. Special Operations Forces Overcome Fear and Dare to Win by Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

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How U.S. Special Operations Forces Overcome Fear and Dare to Win by Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

What The Performers Say


Unlock Your Potential

After only a few sessions with Mental Grit, I was able to complete St. George Ironman 70.3 in May of 2018. This was my third consecutive year taking part in this race, and I CRUSHED my “personal best”. My physical training has always been improving, but Mental Grit helped me begin to unlock my mental potential. As triathletes, we spend so much time and effort focusing on the three disciplines (swim, bike and run), but after working with Mental Grit I’ve found that I’ve been neglecting training my mental game. Many of my mental practices before working for Mental Grit were actually SABOTAGING my optimal performance! Nate and the program at Mental Grit have given me the mental skills and practices that are so crucial to both optimizing my daily training and managing the race day environment!

Jeff Bosch, The Salt Lake Tri Club


I like to consider myself pretty strong on the mental sides of things when it comes to triathlon, but I’ve really enjoyed and been enlightened by during the sessions I’ve had with Nate. They have been very insightful and helping me think some things that are going to help me moving forward.


Eye Opening

After just a few sessions with Nate it was clear that he knows the right questions to ask to really make you do some soul searching. He has a knack for pushing you for the answers that are real and that will help you gain insight into what you need to work on. His questions have me thinking differently and have helped me not only to address where I am in athletics but also in life. Working with Nate has simply been an eye opening experience!

Katie Malone, Malone Coaching
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