Getting into Flow: How the Flow State Helps Athletes Perform

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A few weeks ago I was a guest on the ‘Age grouper for life podcast’ - the ultimate source for living the triathlon lifestyle, where USAT certified coaches Collin Cook and Elliot Kawa-oka discuss the most optimal training techniques to get athletes you where they want to be mentally and physically. An interesting takeaway from the discussion we had on mental skills training was when Collin could not pass up the opportunity to bust Elliot's chaps for leaving him hanging when he tried to high five him as they crossed the line on a lap during the 2014 Ironman Canada. Elliot responded by simply saying……”I was in the zone man.” He was so ‘locked in’ so focused that he did not even realize his good friend was trying to exchange pleasantries with him while he was running by. This mental state is called ‘Flow’, also known colloquially as being ‘in the zone’ or ‘on a roll’. It is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, it’s characterized by a complete absorption in [...]

The Purpose of Pre Performance Routines

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In a recent episode of my Mental Grit Podcast Expereince where I go one on one with other sports psychologists/consultants, I spoke with Amanda, owner and consultant at AGame Sport Psych to talk Pre Performance Routines. An interesting nugget from our conversation was her approach to the pre-performance routine, a topic we have discussed in less detail in prior conversations. This blog seeks to clarify the true purpose of pre-performance routines. I will share Amanda’s expert perspective on pre-performance routines plus provide a detailed explanation so athletes and coaches can have a better understanding of the psychological makeup of the practice. Pre-performance routines continue to be an appealing and widely accepted technique to enhance preparation for performance in sports. Research has shown that performers who use routines in closed skill sports have enhanced performance in: Basketball free throw shooting (Lonsdale & Tam, 2008) Golf putting (Bell et al, 2010), diving (Bell et al, 2008) Water polo penalty (Marlow et al 2001) Rugby goal kicking (Jackson & Baker, 2001) Volleyball serving (Lidor & Mayan, 2005) However, at a fundamental level, it’s still not fully clear if athletes fully understand the purpose of routines, what they should consist of or [...]

A-Game Sport Psych & The Pre-Performance Routine

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On the Podcast! Key Points & Takeaways Read the Full Article Here Amanda Myhrberg, MS Amanda Myhrberg moved to Sarasota, FL in 2013 from Tallahassee. She studied sport psychology at Florida State University, and proceeded to work in the fast-paced sports field as a sport performance consultant. Passionate about all things sports, Sarasota has been a natural fit for a sporting enthusiast. Amanda started A Game Sport Psychology Consulting in 2014 with the intent that mental training should be accessible to athletes of all ages and abilities. Since then her clients have included professional athletes, collegiate athletes, and high school athletes. In her free time, Amanda can be found training for her next marathon, watching movies with her husband Dan, or posting annoyingly cute pictures of her Australian Shepherd, Gizmo. Check Out A-Game Sport Psych! Get Social with Amanda!

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