The Mental Grit Ideals

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What is the goal? What is the best mental space or orientation to achieve for optimal performance? This is the question that has driven my study within sport psychology. After years of research taking a critical view on the scientific theory and personal experience regarding sport performance, I have found the following to be a large part of that answer. # 1: Process Before Outcome The Process: The process is the work, the moment, the present action that will take you to where you want to go. It is dirty, sweaty, and typically painful in some way but when we engage in it, we thrive! I have heard this referred to as the DIRT. The Outcome: The outcome is the dream, the end, the ‘what could be’ in our imagination. It is motivating, inspiring, and gives us direction. It is also one of the most detrimental places an athlete can put their attention when competing. This has been referred to as the CLOUDS. So, where is your head at? The DIRT or the CLOUDS? I remember when I first started running endurance races, I would get 7 miles into a race, it would start hurting, and [...]