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Mental skills training for triathletes

The Sport Behind The Sport: Mastering Mental Skills Training for Triathletes

If you want to eradicate frustration and negative self-talk so you can get out of your own head, compete, and WIN, you’ll this…

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In This FREE Module Of The Mental Mastery Course For Triathletes, You’ll Discover:

  • Mental Skills Training for Triathletes
  • Mental Skills Training for Triathletes
  • What a “philosophy of excellence” is… and how to ingrain it in yourself
  • How to self-score your emotional response control, focus, self-talk, and more
  • How to make the “ABC Model” of attitudes, behaviors and consequences work for you instead of against you

  • The deliberate use of the Training & Trusting mindsets.

Not “Woo” Psychology. Measurable Results.

Mental Skills Training for Triathletes

My name is Nate Last and I’ve been a sports psychology consultant for 5 years, helping triathletes train more effectively and win more often by helping them sharpen their wits, polish their discipline and become unshakeable juggernauts of athleticism.

I’m also a 70.3 and 140.6 triathlon competitor and know firsthand how important it is to not just have your body in tip-top shape – but to also have a relaxed, laser-focused, empowered mind.

Yes “practice makes perfect.” But that’s only half the story, especially for triathletes like us.

Because for every action you take with your body, there’s a thought, idea, or a belief that precedes it and dictates it.

In this free sample of my master class, you’ll finally get specific guidance beyond “just visualize success!” and “stay disciplined!”

You’ll receive fluff-free direction on how to reach peak performance on demand and do what your body was designed to: compete and succeed.

What others are saying about Nate’s Foundations Mini Course

After working with Nate, I was able to complete St. George Ironman 70.3 in May of 2018. This was my third consecutive year taking part in this race, and I CRUSHED my “personal best”. My physical training has always been improving, but Nate helped me begin to unlock my mental potential.

Jeff Bosch, Salt Lake Tri Club

I’ve been extremely happy with the results I got from Nate! I’ve learned that there is SO MUCH I have been missing in my training… The mind is SO important and just the foundations course got me started towards mastery!

Blair Holiday, Waco, Texas

I’m honestly so excited you created this. I just the values in action activity (I didn’t want to) but I decided to and realized how helpful that actually is!

Jeff King, Los Angeles, California

Nate has great courses which are well structured, concise, actionable, and helpful! Thanks for all the effort that went into creating them Nate.

Tiffany Summers, New York, New York