For parents and athletes looking to turn struggle into confidence and peace of mind!

Mental Performance Coach - Nathan Last

From the desk of Coach Nate Last | Sport Psychology Professional, Mental Performance Trainer

  • Are you a parent of an elite teen athlete with all the athletic potential in the world but who seems to get in their own way mentally?

  • Is your emotion coupled with your athlete’s frustration in performance leading to a breakdown in communication and trust?

  • We understand your concerns, so we’ve created the MG Accelerator – a 12-week intensive program designed to help your athlete excel mentally and emotionally, fostering a supportive and effective performance environment.

💡 Discover the Mental Grit Advantage

Traditional sport psychology services often focus on “fixing” athletes’ problems. At Mental Grit, we take a different approach. We believe in empowering intrinsically motivated athletes and parents to optimize their performance potential on and off the field.

With our MG Accelerator, you’ll see the difference in your athlete’s mental game and be equipped to support their goals.

🏆 What’s Included in the MG Accelerator?

For your investment of time and resources, you and your athlete will get access to the following:

 The first phase of work sets the workable limits, boundaries, and roles for the athlete and their support: coaches and parents. You will receive a custom assessment that provides reports, individual, parent, and coaching plans, and tools to maintain the MG Support Team dynamic and structure.

The second phase consists of the specific tools needed to reset the hard drive, install new software and support files, and then maintain a clean mental database under ANY circumstance. We install the MG Mindsets, MG Timelines, MG Flywheel Framework, and the “5 core skill sets,” for the athlete and the home team (parents).

Now that we have hit new levels of thinking, being, and doing, we re-frame the old “personal best” as the “new normal” and provide the habits and protocols to backstop against any potential “doom loop creep.” You have access to the MG Community and staff, so you can normalize not only these new behaviors and beliefs but also your environment, creating the ultimate oasis for high-performers and their families.

Now that we’ve provided you with the MG Code, the MG Support Team, the Mental Skill Sets, the MG Mindsets, and the Frameworks and timelines… now, we will install the final piece… the MG Application Blueprint to build the new structures and grids (parent and athlete) for ongoing goal achievement so you can maintain your psychological momentum in sports and life!

🌟 Transform Struggle into Strength

Our program helps parents and athletes work together, aligning their goals and priorities. You’ll learn effective communication strategies and feel more confident in supporting your athlete’s ambitions. We’ll help you turn struggle into strength, setting the stage for success in sports and life.

🎁 Access to more!

Here’s what the MG Accelerator also provides access to:

Mental Mastery – Tactics and new premium courses so your athlete always has the most up-to-date training and methodologies.

to all premium parent courses so you never have to wonder what role you need to play as your athlete gets older and enters new sports.

Means you can access the actual data behind what’s happening with your athlete, so you never lack clarity.

Where my team and I get to drill down in real-time into the actual cause of the issues and not the symptoms. We will ask and answer questions and guide your athlete through living as an MG Athlete.

So everyone can feel good about the progress, results, and questions that come up along the way.

With other athletes and parents in the program with special guests so you can build your MG Extended Family Support Team.

for life for those moments when a specialist is required for that extra support.

🗣️ Hear from the parents

“Nate is a great asset to my son and his growth in swimming… I have also learned through Nate what things I can do as a parent to help my son stay focused on him and his goals… We look forward to gaining more insight in future sessions on the mental side of life and in his sport!”

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⚔️We live by a Code

We know that athletes and parents often have different goals and priorities, which can lead to misalignment and frustration. That’s why we work with athletes and parents to help them get on the same page and support each other’s goals.

So, when you feel like everything you do seems only to make things worse…

When you feel like the “try harder & just focus” routine has reached its limit…

Remember the one thing that can change the game… Access!

And not just at the collegiate and professional levels, where thinking habits have already formed and are tougher to adjust.

But at a level where your athlete is hungry, ready, and willing to learn. That’s today… that’s right now!

We provide thinking tools for high-performing teens…

In fact, our company lives by the MGCode: “Accessible, Timely, Cutting Edge Support.”


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