After a Big Win or Loss – What Parents Can Do

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Had a pretty great opportunity to sit down with a group of water polo parents this past week to discuss what they could do to support their athletes with the upcoming state tournament here in Utah. A few really impactful topics and discussions came out of this session and I wanted to share a few of the because of how profound they were and I hope as a parent you will be able to glean some insight. In these group environments, I simply hope to help the parents put some attention on their influence and deliberately use that influence to help their athletes accomplish their performance potential. My biggest aim is to expand their current thought process and give them an opportunity to do things differently to accomplish a greater aim. These are a few takeaways from the performance parent session. How can we as parents respond to a big win at the state tournament? Note: I had a few of the parents give me some strange looks when I brought up this question because, as they mentioned, its obvious that they would celebrate with them. However, I challenged the group to think about how their behavior in [...]