Rory Duckworth – Getting to Kona

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Key Points & Takeaways Rory Duckworth is without doubt the funnest guy to be around inside the triathlon scene. About 3 years ago him and I connected and 2 months later he had be racing the St George 70.3. What a jerk! ;) Wanted to sit down with him and have him share a few thoughts surrounding our training together in both mental and physical aspects. Here is what came out of the conversation. Nuff said. ;) Rory said that he was really never close to quitting outside of when he was hurt or sick or injured. He said that the really close races where he felt like he had a great race and still did not make the cut, it motivated him and actually pushed him harder. He ended up going to Kona in 2017 after an amazing race in Ironman 140.6 Colorado. Stay focused and believe in the process. Watch other people who are achieving the same thing you want to achieve. Rory said this is one of his big strengths! He says he just likes to have fun, smile, and laugh because it always helps him stay [...]