Minimizing Distractions: Help Yourself Achieve Greatness

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So, if we're talking about minimizing distractions, we have to talk about practice. Imagine you're the top golfer in the world, what does practice look like to you? Are you moseying around, eating a donut, scrolling through Instagram, and chatting with your friends about his previous night? Of Course Not, You're Focused. You're out on the course with your coach or caddy, going through your swing or talking about the weather. You're examining the greens and hitting each shot, undistracted. No phone or no outside chitchat. Only the essentials. This is how you get done what Cal Newport likes to call “Deep Work”. He’s a professor at Georgetown in Computer Science and wrote the book call “Deep Work”. The book is all about minimizing distractions and reducing your time spent multitasking so you can give your best effort. How distracted are you? You see, the average worker is interrupted every 11 minutes, during any specific task. Guess how long it takes to get back on track after they are distracted? 25 minutes! It would take them, on average, 25 minutes to return to the original task they were working on after being interrupted. Gloria Mark, Professor at the [...]