3 Steps to Relax, Reset, and W.I.N

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The first and most important factor in optimizing your performance potential is adopting the ability to control your emotions in crazy situations (really in just any situation). These situations frequently occur in sports, in cases where a torrential downpour reduces our ability to see the field and the opponent scores on a freak bounce; or when referees seem to be in the pocket of the other team, things like these tend to get in the way and get your blood boiling. You go into a physical state of deep anger and frustration, where you feel your heartbeat in your throat, and your breath becomes short and shallow. This state does not support performance. So, at times like this, handling these emotions is key. Listed below are three ways to manage your emotional response. 1) Ask yourself, ‘WHERE YOU AT?' Understanding where you are and what you are there for, allows you take a quick assessment of your physical and mental state. We all know that staying pissed and negative does not help you achieve anything and will move not move either you or your team forward. Therefore, it’s wise to do something about it. A saying in the [...]