How To Embrace the CHAOS

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Would you ever deliberately choose to do something that would cause pain, torment, or a feeling of being broken? Do you know how to embrace the chaos training throws at you? You hear it all the time in endurance sports, “Why would an athlete choose to put themselves through so much pain?” But it’s that kind of mindset that sets those athletes apart from the rest. They welcome pain, they welcome chaos, because in their minds, without it, they wouldn’t get better, and they wouldn’t be able to foresee events that leave others broken. As mental skills coaches, we could not agree more. Here are a couple of strategies to help you through those adverse times. Things get shaken up whether you want them to or not, and these techniques will be there as your sword and shield as you embrace the chaos. The Shakeup So a couple of weeks ago, I was at a yoga. Yoga and Sports go hand-in-hand. At the beginning of class, the instructor, a lady in her upper 20s, started to talk about the intention we might want to set for class. Whether that be to enhance your present moment focus - by focusing [...]

Idol Acting- Motivation for Young Athletes

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Do you have the motivation to be great? A few weeks ago I sat down with a 13-year-old who has been through the gamut of sports over a matter of four years. He had played basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and is now is a swimmer who has been described as having athletic talent, but little drive when things get tough. I asked him what his biggest dreams where in sport and he simply said, "I want to be the best." This was interesting as he wanted to be the best but as soon as he had any push back, he LOST motivation. I have seen this happen in many athletes, where they want something big but as soon as they face ANY kind of push back in the form of a tough workout, a tough coach, a disappointing performance or otherwise they lose interest and move onto something new. However, after talking through his situation we came up with a pretty blatant discrepancy between what he wanted and what he was DOING to get there. This issue was initially based in his motivation as he found quick and easy victories as a natural athlete, but lost motivation once he realized more [...]

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