Playing with Purpose

When you hear the words deliberate purpose, what do you think of? What does it mean to you? Today, I am going to share with you the importance of that word in my life and how it can change the way you do everything. As I walk through life and switch hats throughout the day (husband, father, athlete, business owner, mental coach, etc.), I do my best to place purpose on everything that I do. My time has become so valuable that I have to make sure that everything I do is for a specific purpose. As

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Stop-Drop-And Roll – A Self Talk Technique

How many of you remember being taught the safety technique, “Stop, drop, and roll” as a child. It’s simple. If you ever find yourself a fire victim, you must: STOP in order to prevent the flames from gaining strength from your movements DROP to the ground and then ROLL to extinguish the fire. Self-talk is what we say to ourselves. It can be helpful or unhelpful. Here is a self talk technique that might help us control it. Our unhelpful self-talk is like fire – when we pay attention to our unhelpful self-talk, we force air into

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