Prepping for Greatness – the importance of Mental Preparation for Athletes

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Tevita Gerber has is no stranger to success in sports. Having played football and baseball for many years, success has followed for this young high school senior. Having had success as a two-sport athlete, Gerber understands the importance of mental preparation for athletes in the pursuit of success in sports. This two sport athlete out of Cottonwood High School in Murray, Utah, proved time and time again that he had what it took mentally to prepare for the most stressful positions in his sports, respectively.That attention seemed to be the difference for Gerber as he shined in both sports. “When you’re pitching, you have control over the game,” Gerber said in an interview for the Deseret News. “I played quarterback too, and I love to have the pressure situation where I can deal with it myself and carry the team on my back. I love to be in those big-time situations where a big play is needed." This highly-touted left-handed pitcher is the perfect example of perfecting his game both physically and mentally to meet your goals and get the results you want. After two average years on the mound, Gerber really put in the work in-between his sophomore [...]