Hammering Out His Mental Strength

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Chris Hammer has been an example of mental strength throughout his entire life. Born without a left hand, Hammer has excelled within athletics and is planning on competing for the United States in the 2016 Paralympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Playing sports has always been a passion for a young Chris Hammer. Starting out at the age of eight and growing up in Michigan, ice hockey was an obvious choice for the youngster. Having only one hand, playing hockey may seem very difficult, but with the support and teachings of his parents to never give up, Hammer kept finding ways to fill his knack for competition. “My parents have been there for me,” Hammer recalled. “Most people will give credit to their parents and it’s especially true for me. Growing up with one hand, they put me in sports that, intuitively, one-handed people don’t do like baseball and hockey. They never sheltered me and never gave me that excuse of having one hand to not do something. I think that attitude towards the world gave me the mindset that I needed to excel.” A particular moment for Hammer within his sporting career that has led to his success [...]