Values Based Coaching – Dr. Lauren Tashman

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Podcast Key Takeaways Checkout Peak Performance! It's what I am listening to right now and is an awesome book to provide clarity on the stress + rest equation for performance. Acceptance Accomplishment Accountability Achievement Acknowledgement Adaptability Advancement Adventure Aggressiveness Agility Ambition Appreciation Approachability Approval Assertiveness Attentiveness Attitude Audacity Authenticity Autonomy Availability Awareness Balance Being the Best Belonging Boldness Bravery Brilliance Calmness Camaraderie Candor Capability Caring Carefulness Certainty Challenge Change Charity Clarity Clear-mindedness Cleverness Closeness Comfort Commitment Communication Community Compassion Competence Competition Completion Composure Concentration Confidence Conformity Congruency Connection Consciousness Consistency Continuity Contribution Control Conviction Cooperation Courage Creativity Credibility Cunning Curiosity Daring Decisiveness Decorum Dependability Depth Desire Determination Development Devotion Dignity Diligence Directness Discipline Diversity Dominance Drive Duty Dynamism Eagerness Effectiveness Efficiency Empathy Encouragement Endurance Energy Enjoyment Enthusiasm Equality Ethics Excellence Excitement Experience Expertise Exploration Fairness Faith Fame Family Fearlessness Fierceness Fitness Flexibility Focus Fortitude Freedom Friendship Fun Generosity Genuine Giving Gratitude Grit Growth Happiness Hard Work Harmony Health Heart Helpfulness Heroism Honesty Honor Humility Humor Imagination Impact Improvement Independence Individuality Influence Ingenuity Initiative Inquisitive Insightfulness Inspiration Integrity Intensity Intimacy Intuitive Investing Involvement Kindness Knowledge Leadership Learning Legacy Listening Liveliness Longevity Love [...]

The Purpose of Pre Performance Routines

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In a recent episode of my Mental Grit Podcast Expereince where I go one on one with other sports psychologists/consultants, I spoke with Amanda, owner and consultant at AGame Sport Psych to talk Pre Performance Routines. An interesting nugget from our conversation was her approach to the pre-performance routine, a topic we have discussed in less detail in prior conversations. This blog seeks to clarify the true purpose of pre-performance routines. I will share Amanda’s expert perspective on pre-performance routines plus provide a detailed explanation so athletes and coaches can have a better understanding of the psychological makeup of the practice. Pre-performance routines continue to be an appealing and widely accepted technique to enhance preparation for performance in sports. Research has shown that performers who use routines in closed skill sports have enhanced performance in: Basketball free throw shooting (Lonsdale & Tam, 2008) Golf putting (Bell et al, 2010), diving (Bell et al, 2008) Water polo penalty (Marlow et al 2001) Rugby goal kicking (Jackson & Baker, 2001) Volleyball serving (Lidor & Mayan, 2005) However, at a fundamental level, it’s still not fully clear if athletes fully understand the purpose of routines, what they should consist of or [...]

Being Present

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Take a moment right now and look at the people around you. Where are they? Are they being present, engaged in what is happening right now OR are they in their heads, working some problem they have in life or possibly worrying about something they have no control over? Are they in the future dreaming of the life they want for themselves and their families? As mental coaches, we talk a lot about this idea of being present in practice, competition, and engagement in sport and life as a whole. We talk about being ‘in the now’ and engaging in what is happening moment to moment. We ask our athletes to remind themselves, ’where you at?’ as practice in mindfulness throughout their day to day life. But why? You see, there is something about the present moment that provides a sense of confidence, of passion, of drive that is unlike any other. You could call it ‘the zone’ or ‘on fire’ but I am sure that everyone who reads this article has been present at some point in their lives. Kids in the 21st century know the present moment well through the use of video games where, if [...]

Tools to Increase Effective Practice

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A swimmer approached me a few months ago saying that she did not make any progress in practice over the 3 months leading up to her state meet. She was not seeing her times drop in practices and just didn’t believe that she could do anything substantial at the upcoming state meet. I asked her what she was working on at that point to help her go faster. She started going down the list of technique items for each stroke and a variety of strategy items. I asked her to start writing these down on a LARGE white board and she covered it with everything that she was working on over those 3 months. After she wrote these items she looked at it and I asked her how she felt looking at the whiteboard. She said she felt overwhelmed, sick, and somewhat disappointed. Disappointed, I asked… “Ya, I am disappointed that even though I have been working on all of this stuff, there is not one thing that I can go to my coach with and say that I got it down!”. Have you ever felt like this before? Interestingly enough, you are not alone! As performers, we [...]

How To Embrace the CHAOS

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Would you ever deliberately choose to do something that would cause pain, torment, or a feeling of being broken? Do you know how to embrace the chaos training throws at you? You hear it all the time in endurance sports, “Why would an athlete choose to put themselves through so much pain?” But it’s that kind of mindset that sets those athletes apart from the rest. They welcome pain, they welcome chaos, because in their minds, without it, they wouldn’t get better, and they wouldn’t be able to foresee events that leave others broken. As mental skills coaches, we could not agree more. Here are a couple of strategies to help you through those adverse times. Things get shaken up whether you want them to or not, and these techniques will be there as your sword and shield as you embrace the chaos. The Shakeup So a couple of weeks ago, I was at a yoga. Yoga and Sports go hand-in-hand. At the beginning of class, the instructor, a lady in her upper 20s, started to talk about the intention we might want to set for class. Whether that be to enhance your present moment focus - by focusing [...]

Minimizing Distractions: Help Yourself Achieve Greatness

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So, if we're talking about minimizing distractions, we have to talk about practice. Imagine you're the top golfer in the world, what does practice look like to you? Are you moseying around, eating a donut, scrolling through Instagram, and chatting with your friends about his previous night? Of Course Not, You're Focused. You're out on the course with your coach or caddy, going through your swing or talking about the weather. You're examining the greens and hitting each shot, undistracted. No phone or no outside chitchat. Only the essentials. This is how you get done what Cal Newport likes to call “Deep Work”. He’s a professor at Georgetown in Computer Science and wrote the book call “Deep Work”. The book is all about minimizing distractions and reducing your time spent multitasking so you can give your best effort. How distracted are you? You see, the average worker is interrupted every 11 minutes, during any specific task. Guess how long it takes to get back on track after they are distracted? 25 minutes! It would take them, on average, 25 minutes to return to the original task they were working on after being interrupted. Gloria Mark, Professor at the [...]

Developing and Facilitating Team Cohesion: Gottman’s 5:1

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Everyone is always wondering about developing and facilitating team cohesion; Always wondering about how to build relationships and team chemistry. Whether it’s at work, at school, in a team, or with their partner, strong and healthy relationships create more productive and positive environments. Do you know how you interact with your team? Gottman’s 5:1 Dr. Gottman, professor emeritus at University of Washington, found that in healthy marriages, the ratio of positive interactions to negative interactions is 5:1. Especially during times of conflict, the interactions between the two individuals was 5:1. On the other hand, it is 5 times easier to break someone down with a negative interaction like blame, anger, aggression or hostility; Which ultimately leads to hurting someone’s feelings. Are you aware of your ratio? If you’re truly interested in developing and facilitating better team cohesion, this strategy is for you. 51 Cents: Keep Track of Your Ratio John Brubaker, a sport psychology consultant and ESPN radio personality, used to coach Division III and NAIA Lacrosse. He came across Gottman’s ratio and knew that if he wanted to take his team chemistry to the next level, he was going to have to start keeping an eye on his [...]

Back to Basics: Implement The 80/20 Rule Today!

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Recently, Mental Grit was awarded the opportunity to interview two of the top sport dietitians in the nation. Toni Tillett (Washington State University) and Kari Oliver (University of Notre Dame) were gracious enough to answer a few questions and divulge some juicy nutritional information. A healthy body and mind are essential to peak performance, which is where mental conditioning and nutrition intersect. The interesting piece about this interview was how basic mental skills principles have such a primary role in the execution of effective nutrition. Get back to basics and keep yourself mentally and physically strong. Back to Basics If I were to ask you to name three healthy foods, could you do it? Of course you can! We all know what healthy and unhealthy food is. The question I presented to these two dietitians was, “If we all know what the healthy foods are, why don’t we eat them?” Kari answered, “It’s because of our habits. Food is a huge part of everything that we do. It’s around families, celebrations, birthdays, births and deaths, and basically everything. For a long time, people have associated healthy with not being as tasty or flavorful. They’re not going to choose the healthier option because if they have [...]

Yoga and Sports – How Meditation Boosts Athlete Performance

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  In this blog, Mental Grit looked into a very important form of meditation that people often take for granted – Yoga and Sports. This technique has been proven useful alongside mental skills training to help athletes unlock their full potential. Heather Hagan, who is a USA triathlon coach and a certified strength and conditioning coach, tells us how she fused yoga with her other coaching techniques to great effect. Yoga has become a standard part of our culture but most of us still dismiss it as “stretching” when in fact it is far more than that. Elite athletes NFL stars to marathon runners have found it to be an invaluable addition to their training. And of course, so have coaches. USA triathlon coach Heather Hagan is one of them. She is a level 2 triathlon coach, a USA cycling coach and a certified strength and conditioning coach having done a stint with the Alabama State university football team, where she worked with football players on injury prevention and core strengthening. So, it's fair to say Heather is a well-rounded and experienced coach in its quintessential form. But in an attempt to elevate herself above a growing niche of [...]

Coaching Mental Toughness

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sport isn’t something that is learned overnight, it’s a process. A process that if followed perfectly can bring about a lot of success in sports. Utah Valley University's head wrestling coach Greg Williams understands this and that has allowed success to follow for his program. For the past 10 years, Williams has been at the helm of the UVU wrestling team. When he got there, the program was trending towards irrelevant. However, this coach never gave up on his process of becoming great and has coached All-American wrestlers, consistently got his wrestlers to nationals and is now going to compete in the Big XVII Conference. This success hasn’t just happened overnight. Williams understands that in order to be successful on the wrestling mat, his wrestlers need to match their physical strength to their mental strength, which is why he wanted to start coaching mental toughness. “It’s [mental side] the major part,” Williams explained. “You can get kids that are talented, you can get kids that are strong, you can get kids that work hard and have the work ethic. We have recruited talent and built a program.” Williams relies on coaching mental toughness when things don’t always pan [...]

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