From First Sprint to Kona – The Fundamental Mental Skill

As a mental skills trainer, I have been able to work with elite athletes in most every sport and in my experience and education there has been a single mental skill that is fundamental to any level of performance, especially in triathlon. What’s the skill? Well let’s see if you can guess it. You need this skill to combat negative self talk and keep you from going into the negativity hurricane. You use this skill, I would hope, at the beginning of every race. You can depend on this skill to help you be the most well

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Push Yourself to the Limit: The 20 Second Rule

In Greek mythology, all heroes exemplify a set of virtues. Those virtues include: love, strength, consistency, confidence, equanimity, creativity, courage, diligence, focus, they’re imperfect, authentic, optimistic, grounded, and enthusiastic. Although all of these are essential in a hero. Which do you think is the most important? Which one do you think will help push yourself to the limit? Courage: The Mightiest of Greek Virtues Of these 14 interwoven traits, courage is attached at the hip to each and every one. You can’t have confidence without courage, you can’t have strength without courage, you can’t be optimistic or loving without

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Mental Strength as Important as Physical Strength in Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most physically demanding sports, one that often tests a climber's physical and mental strength, endurance, intricate footwork, agility and balance. But contrary to what many people believe, success in the sport of rock climbing is dependent upon more than a long list of physical factors. Many climber surveys, and psychological research all point to mental strength as the most influential factor in whether a climber succeeds or not. This is the case for rock climber Paul Robertson, who spoke to Mental Grit about the mental side of rock climbing and how he develops his mental

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Meditation for Athletes Improves Sports Performance

In this post, Mental Grit spoke with Heather Hagan, who is a USA triathlon coach and a certified strength and conditioning coach, on how meditation for athletes improves sports performance. It sounds crazy to think that one could become a better athlete by simply sitting closing one’s eyes and doing nothing. But it is definitely possible. Meditation is one the most powerful yet most underutilized methods to not only relieve stress, anxiety and restore health in athletes but also helps them deal with the ever-changing environment in a competition. It is shown to have a number of benefits including

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Iron Man St. George 70.3 – Moments

The Iron Man St. George 70.3 has come and gone but the moments that were lived by each of the competitors will always stay with them. Standing in the brisk morning air a large group of triathletes wearing the symbol of the 'bee' huddled together to hear a message that I had been thinking about giving for days before hand. To be honest, this was the first time I had been asked to deliver such a message to hopefully help those participating mentally prepare for the tough task ahead. As the Salt Lake Tri club huddled around the message that

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Wrestling with Giants

Wrestling has always been the type of sport that is physically and mentally demanding. If you do not have your mind as sharp as your physical strength, chances are you are going to lose. This is something that Utah Valley University 133-lb. wrestler Jade Rauser knows this better than anyone as he continues to grow and have success. Rauser has enjoyed success at the high school and college level as a lighter-weight wrestler. Coming out of Broadwater High School in Townsend, Mont., Rauser had an astounding 175-0 record, four state championships,  with a  Junior National Triple Crown

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