Coaching Mental Toughness

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sport isn’t something that is learned overnight, it’s a process. A process that if followed perfectly can bring about a lot of success in sports. Utah Valley University's head wrestling coach Greg Williams understands this and that has allowed success to follow for his program. For the past 10 years, Williams has been at the helm of the UVU wrestling team. When he got there, the program was trending towards irrelevant. However, this coach never gave up on his process of becoming great and has coached All-American wrestlers, consistently got his wrestlers to nationals and is now going to compete in the Big XVII Conference. This success hasn’t just happened overnight. Williams understands that in order to be successful on the wrestling mat, his wrestlers need to match their physical strength to their mental strength, which is why he wanted to start coaching mental toughness. “It’s [mental side] the major part,” Williams explained. “You can get kids that are talented, you can get kids that are strong, you can get kids that work hard and have the work ethic. We have recruited talent and built a program.” Williams relies on coaching mental toughness when things don’t always pan [...]

Wrestling with Giants

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Wrestling has always been the type of sport that is physically and mentally demanding. If you do not have your mind as sharp as your physical strength, chances are you are going to lose. This is something that Utah Valley University 133-lb. wrestler Jade Rauser knows this better than anyone as he continues to grow and have success. Rauser has enjoyed success at the high school and college level as a lighter-weight wrestler. Coming out of Broadwater High School in Townsend, Mont., Rauser had an astounding 175-0 record, four state championships,  with a  Junior National Triple Crown and a champion at the Pan-American Games. With all of those accolades coming out of high school, Rauser had the mentality that he was going to be good at the college level. He had been trained his whole life to succeed and why should this step be any different? Rauser soon found out that his success didn’t translate at first. “It was hard for me when I first got here,” Rauser recalled. “I went from being the top in the nation to the bottom. My confidence was really low at first. I won some good matches, but just the fact that [...]

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